Europäischer Freiwilligendienst

For 10 years now, Theater GegenStand welcomes young adults from all european countries to join us in creating theatre projects. Volunteers so far came from England, Italy, Russia, Georgia, France, Spain, Tcheque Republik, Poland, Estland for six to twelve months and helped in all possible tasks and projects to make art.

As a volunteer, you accompany a theatre group consisting of semiprofessional and highly motivated amateurs, staging over 100 shows a year. You'll be involved in all things going on, from preparing the stage, helping out in the office, assisitng the shows to even have your own small or big project, if you want to.


What is the European Solidarity Corps ?

The European Solidarity Corps, formerly known as European Voluntary Service (EVS), is an international volunteering programme by the European Commission for young people to go to another country to work for a non-profit cause. It creates opportunities for young people to volunteer or work in projects in their own country or abroad that benefit communities and people around Europe. It brings together young people to build a more inclusive society, supporting vulnerable people and responding to societal challenges. It offers an inspiring and empowering experience for young people who want to help, learn and develop.

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What can you do in Theater GegenStand? What is expected? What can you expect?

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